Autoclave is a special machinery for producing laminated (bulletproof, explosion, aircraft, marine, automotive, construction) glass. It is widely used in automotive, aerospace manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, decoration, used by banks and other industries of various compound glasses. The design and production of Autoclave is in accordance with the PRC and the United States and the European Union CE ASME standards.

Auto-clave is composed of main body, kettle door, circulating fans, heaters, cooling system and electronic controlling box. It is the necessary equipment for production of laminated glass,

Designed pressure: 1.4MPa
Test pressure: 1.75MPa
Working pressure: 1.3Mpa Can be enlarged according to the buyer’s request.
Top temperature: 150
Pressure controlling: ±0.03Mpa
Temperature controlling: ±3
Working material: pressed air, temperature: 60→150
Circling time:2mm glass +0.76mm PVB+2mm glass
Opening time of the door≤3min
Total circling time: 200min can be adjusted according to the buyer to shorten or longer. 
Door closing time:≤3min
Total circling time: 89min
Glass thickness including PVB: 4-80mm
Percent of pass≥97%
24 hours working per day.
Inner diameter: 2500mm
Inner effective length: 4000mm
Max. load: 16000kg
Glass set method: same direction as the clave axle.
Voltage: 240v/415vAccording to the buyer’s request.
Frequency: 60Hz
Controlling voltage: 110vAC/24vDC
Heating power: 120kw
Fan power: 55kw 960r/min
Rail distance: 1300mm
Base height to the rail: 560mm
Protection level: IP55
Weight: about 42000kg

Introduction for mechanical character:
Autoclave door safety interlock switch, kettle door open structure for the pneumatic quick, pneumatic door, air lock, door directions: the face of the door left open kettle, switching gate time ≤ 3min
Installation of silencers to the exhaust port, on-site noise ≤ 85Db (optional accessory), the 1m height.
Heater distribution: reactor bottom 45kw, kettle body on both sides of a 208kw, heater fixed by threaded connections, and wiring in the tank outside the rear, removable structure, easy maintenance and replacement.
Cooler connection flange and threaded fasteners to facilitate maintenance and replacement of the tail in the tank
Cooler material with good thermal conductivity of copper and aluminum to improve heat exchange efficiency of aluminum manufacturing
Centrifugal Fan motor: the Ministry of the tail in the tank, leaf material for the Q235
Mechanical structure and transmission parts designed to meet the relevant strength requirements, to maximize its service life
Are part of the design of each transmission to ensure easy maintenance and repair
According to the various components required to do the appropriate use of protective treatment
All threaded fittings are galvanized surface
Insulation used in insulation, insulation thickness 80mm, aluminum silicate insulation materials;
Autoclave inlet buffer device designed to prevent high pressure air injury of the glass

Gas Tank

Gas tank is indispensable part for the autoclave. It’s function is balance and store thepressure in the autoclave.
Main material: 16MnR
Main configuration:
Tank body: 1 set
Safety valve: 1 set
Main technical paremeter:
Capacity: 8m3
Working pressure: 1.3Mpa
Designed pressure: 1.4Mpa
Working temperature: 135
Weight: 3.
Dimension: Φ1600mm×3500mm
Air presser:
Main technical parameter:
Working pressure: 1.3Mpa
Gas capacity: 5.8 m3/min
Power: 45kw
Dimension: 1100×1590×1775mm L×W×H
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