Glass Washer Drier

Glass Washer Drier

     1.      Brief Introduction:

QX26glass washer & drier adopt horizontal configuration, the flat glass placed on the conveyor roller, passing in-feed section, washing section, drier section, and out-feed section. Glass washing and drying machine is used for cleaning and air-drying of flat glass panes. There are various types available for different glass, float, coating and low-E glass. Washing and drying sections can be elevated or lowered as a whole with PLC. Only in this way will come off satisfactorily.

2.      Technical parameter


Max. width Min width Thickness Proceeing speed Brushes Power Weight Dimension
2600mm 300*350mm 3-40mm 1.0m/min~6m/min 4pairs 39KW 4500kg 8500*4500*3500mm


3. Features:

3.1. The high-powered washer is used primarily with manufacturing facilities for

Automobile safety glass, laminated construction glass, mirror and nickel-plate glass.

3.2. Adopt washing is done with four pair of cylinder brushes. (Two pair of rough & fine brushes.)

3.3. Drying is done with high power blower dryer and is equipped with adjust air knife.

3.4.   The air resistant sections of the unit are soundproofed.

3.5.   This machines drive roll spinning transmission is achieved by utilizing chain wheel helical gear.

3.6.   The face of unit can be lift 450mm vertically, allowing easy inspection and repair.

3.7. The water tank is the unit is equipped with an electric heater to self-adjusting water temperature.

3.8. The section of the unit that comes in contact with water is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion

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