Glass edge grinding machine

Glass edge grinding machine

     1.Brief Introduction

1.1ZM7Y can process pencil/OG edging edges of different glass thickness with different shape wheels.
1.2Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of the pencil edge can be finished at one time.
1.3 Same thickness of glass sheet can be process continually. 
1.4The brightness of pencil edge will be close to the original glass after polished.
1.5 this machine is easy to operate and has good performance.

2 working condition 
1.2.1powerAC380V±10% 3φ 50HZ±2% 
1.2.2 Environment temperature: 1~40
1.2.3air relative humidity90%.

3.Technical Parameter & Wheels Disposal 
2.1technical parameter
1 processing glass thickness : 3 15mm
2 Min. size processing glass 20mm×120mm
3 Processing speed 54 5m/min
4 Installation power 3.6KW
5 dimension  6m(length) ×1.1m(width) ×2.5m(height) 

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